How To Add an App in SharePoint Online (Admin)

How To Add an App in SharePoint Online (Admin)

Dmitry Ivahno on May 25, 2017

This video will guide you through the process of installing PDF Share Forms Cloud and required steps, if you are a SharePoint administrator for Office 365 tenant.

If you do not have administrative rights, this user guide is for you.


Before we can proceed to app installation, we need to have some administrative steps completed. So, proceed if you have administrative rights at your SharePoint. If you do not have administrative rights, another video is for you.

First, let’s open SharePoint team site (or any other site, where you want an App to be available).

If new SharePoint experience is active by default, we advise to switch back to the classic view.

How to add an app - SharePoint new experience

Now we can try to add an App in SharePoint Online, and this will guide us to some administrative steps we need to do.

So, let’s put PDF Share Forms in a search field.

How to add an app - Site Contents - Your Apps

Since we never installed this app before nothing is found on the site, but there are options in the SharePoint Store.

Let’s open it.

Ok, here we go. Click on PDF Share Forms icon.

App page opens, but we can see a notification that only administrators are allowed to install apps. This message is a bit confusing, since current user has all administrative rights.

How to add an app in SharePoint Online - Sorry only tenantadministrators can add or give access to this app - PDF Share Forms Cloud

To resolve this situation, we need to make some additional administrative tasks.

Administrative steps

So, let’s go to Office Online settings select SharePoint in Admin Center and open Apps section.

Here we need to create a new App catalog.

Select “Create a new app catalog site” and click Ok.

It will take some time to prepare next dialog screen, where you need to input Catalog title let it be Downloaded applications, and select administrative user. Let it be current user.


How to add an app - Create app catalog site collection

Do not forget to fill in all the required fields. 

Now we are ready, press Ok.

Now let’s go back to SharePoint store – we will repeat all the required steps, so it will be easier for you to navigate through SharePoint menus.

As you can see, we are still unable to add an App in SharePoint Online, and we need to request approval from administrator. Even if the current user has administrative rights.

We can put a description, why we want to install this App. This information will be sent to the administrator.

How to add an app - SharePoint App Add request

As an administrator we need to go to SharePoint administration page, Apps catalog again. And we will repeat all the steps for your convenience.

When we open catalog, we can see there is a new request, so administrator can make a decision, should it be approved or rejected. We will approve of course.

Now we are ready to go back to the store. Refresh a page. Add the App to a SharePoint online site. Finally.

How to add an app in SharePoint Online - PDF Share Forms Cloud - add it

So, let’s do it.

Just follow instructions on the screen.

And wait a bit. Application will be ready to run in couple of minutes.

Run PDF Share Forms Cloud

On the first run we will see some splash screens with product related information.

We should also select a sample form template for the first run. Let it be an Inspection form.

On the next screen we need to finalize our setup and select a country and input contact e-mail. In about 30 seconds the installation will be complete. 

The last step before we can run our first sample form – let’s select a library, where we want to deploy a new form template. Few seconds left and we are ready to run.


How to add an app - PDF Share Forms Cloud first run

Now new form opens.

Let’s input some information here to take a fast look how PDF Share Forms Cloud works. I will put some checkmarks and submit the form.

How to add an app - PDF form fill in

Few seconds and it is done – Information and the form itself are saved in SharePoint library.

We can review all the responses we have up to this moment directly in a library or using PDF Share Forms Cloud dashboard.

How to add an app - PDF Share Forms Cloud Dashboard


Want to try PDFSF Cloud? Start here