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SharePoint forms and workflows

Achieving success in the digital business age requires efficient information management and the right application of technology and software. One of the corner stones of efficient information management is business task automation and electronic document management. According to Microsoft's Bill Baer, SharePoint Senior Technical Manager from, over 80% or fortune 500 companies use SharePoint to automate their business processes. Another crucial component of SharePoint ecosystem is Workflows…

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Microsoft Forms is now available for preview for business users

Microsoft Forms is available in preview for “first release” subscribers and is gradually being rolled out to business users. The product was created as a competitor to Google Forms in education sector. Enterprise niche for survey and poll products is taken by product like Survey Monkey and Microsoft Forms are not likely to be a contender there. To no one’s surprise, Microsoft Forms is not a replacement to InfoPath. Microsoft’s position on InfoPath replacement is – PowerApps + Microsoft Flow + SharePoint lists.…

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5 ways to implement offline forms in SharePoint

Most of us use online SharePoint forms to power our daily business processes from simple holiday requests to multipage monsters that look more like applications rather than regular forms. There are plenty of solutions to choose from if you are looking for online forms. However, some of us need to take these forms and processes offline and suddenly the choice of products gets very narrow. Some companies offer mobile version of forms as their solution to offline problem and some just reuse regular forms in offline scenarios. Lets take a closer look.…

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