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SHA1 and PDF forms security

Several months ago, online digital security news outlets announced that SHA-1 has function was broken by CWI Amsterdam and Google. What does it mean for your PDF documents? Let’s review basics and steps you need to do. What system are affected? How is it related to PDF documents and forms? Moving forward with PDF 2.0…

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SharePoint 2013 forms – 8 options to consider

Okay, you are not on the latest and greatest SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2016. Maybe you don’t operate plane, but you have reasons to use SharePoint 2013. You have your reasons not to be on the latest and greatest yet. However the process optimization wave, whether it is a workflow automation or forms integration, is something you have to deal with. Business users are pressuring you. Cost saving are pressuring you. And there is a question: do you introduce forms now or wait for upgrade to SharePoint 2016/Online/vNEXT to happen? And what if we implement forms right away and then will upgrade our SharePoint. What will happen then?…

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