Smart PDF Form. In The Cloud.

World Document Standard.
For A Reason.

PDFSF offers elegant simplicity in powerful tools for creating and managing PDF forms connected to SharePoint online.

PDF Is A Gold Standard For Forms

PDFs are everywhere: they are used by millions of big and small businesses, goverments and individuals. They are secure, easy to manage and platform-indepentent. That's why we decided to design a tool for working with PDF forms in Cloud environment.

Combining PDF Forms With SharePoint Online

We are aiming to improve user experience with their daily routine processes and tasks by using PDF format as a convenient tool for information exchange, approval processes and managing information in the SharePoint Online.


Use Your Own Forms

Import already existing PDF forms to keep well-known documents in play but with more features in the sleeve.


Keep Data Updated

Update SharePoint columns by filling-in your PDF form.


Flexible Designer

Design you own PDF forms with support of various events and logic to enhance user experience.



Share same experience by working on various devices and web browsers.

More Forms. More Fidelity. More Compliance.

With PDFSF you get the world’s first smart PDF forms powered by Office 365 cloud that adapts to your business needs and provide unparallel features like offline, digital signature and compliance.




With our multiple levels of form security, including HIPAA compliance, you can trust that your data is being transferred via the most secure methods.

Offline first

When you’re unsure about the constancy, quality, or even existence of an individual’s network connection, you can trust PDFSF Cloud to work offline instead.


Digital signature

Adding an electronic signature to a form is easy, and works perfectly on all mobile devices or browsers. Keep it secure. Keep it compliant.

Workflow actions

Build complex processes in SharePoint Workflow – adding logic as well as capturing data.


Mobile Devices

PDF Share Forms Cloud works on Android, iPhone and iPad devices, and with Adobe Reader Mobile and PDFExpert.

Data Connectivity

With direct data connections between your devices and your own data systems, you can choose where to store data.


Instant Report

Advanced tools help you seamlessly create professional ‘on the fly’ reports and export them to Excel.

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Technical Specifications


Microsoft Azure hosted app, data centers in Central US, Northern Europe and South Asia (coming soon). Microsoft Azure KeyVault HSM.

Digital Signatures
  • Microsoft Azure KeyVault HSM
  • Organizational certificates by SwissSign* - CAC Cards with Adobe Reader.

*Or provide your own.


SSL communications. We never store your credit card numbers or your user data. (All user-submitted data is stored in your SharePoint instances.)

Supported Browsers
  • Windows OS: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • Mac OS: Safari, Chrome
  • iOS: Safari
  • Android: Chrome (latest versions)
Office 365 Edition Support:
  • Business: E1 (OneDrive for Business), E3, E5
  • Educational: E5
  • Government: Government Community G1, G3, G5
  • Nonprofit: E1, E3, E5
Supported PDF Viewers*:
  • Windows: PDFSF Web, Adobe Reader 11, Adobe Reader DC
  • MacOS: PDFSF Web, Adobe Reader DC
  • iOS: PDFSF Web, Adobe Reader, PDFExpert
  • Android: PDFSF Web, Adobe Reader

*Some browsers are not fully-compatible.

  • 502 Section compliant
  • WCAG 2.0 compliant

Your PDF form templates must be verified by Adobe Reader to meet accessibility requirements.


We never store your credit card number. HIPAA complaint* and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certified.

*Your PDF form templates should also be HIPPA compliant


C#.NET and JavaScript

Offline Form Support:
  • Free Adobe Reader Mobile for iOS and Android devices
  • Adobe Reader for Windows for Surface Pro devices
  • PDFExpert for iOS devices (may require a separate license from Readdle)
Workflow Actions:

SharePoint Designer Workflow Actions

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  • No spam emails